Womanhood of wealth creation.

Lakshmi, sitting besides the window seat, How does money grow,  by seeding a coin in the mud pot, nurture it and it will grow as a money tree and provide with coins as fruits, or she remembers, how her mother kept the occasionally got 100 rupees note benefit the clothes, or inside the rice drum.


The kitchen act as a diversified bank, where each jar have penny in it.

Time changes a lot, era of kitchen banking converts itself into investment banking, but the shreedhan remains the same, as.


  1. Provision for bad debts.
  2. Gold jewellery turns to fixed deposits.
  3. Daily petty savings becomes SIPs.
  4. Large amounts turn to additional purchase or lump sums in mutual funds.
  5. Piggy bank turns to PMS.


Methods can change the views but it can’t change the nature of a woman to secure wealth.

So Lakshmi decides to remain same and follow the dynasty of preserving wealth with new ideas but with traditional minds.

GFS Wealth Creators, appreciates all these Lakshmi’s who are the foundation of family wealth creation.

So, today we celebrate the womanhood of empowering the wealth creating tradition of woman.

Supporting Present, Securing Future.”

“Happy Women’s Day”

* Swagta Mukherjee.

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  1. Well Said , if every women start this approach, they will not only empower themselve,but also the society and that will be called a true women empowerment.

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