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What does financial freedom mean to you?

What Freedom Means To You on This Independence Day.

* India is celebrating its independence day. It’s time for you to celebrate your own financial freedom.

* How to make this Independence Day more special than the last one?

* What does financial freedom mean to you?

* And what are you doing to achieve it?

* How to be Financially Independent?

* How to Earn Your Freedom?

* This Independence Day, Indulge in Financial Freedom.

Whether you are a single or married, you can feel the weight of giving your family comfort and arrange all the things for them.

When Independence Day comes, everybody feels happy because they get one day leave and will feel relaxed. But do you think that one day leave is your freedom?

If I assume what you do that day,  you wake up around noon and then you will take your breakfast or lunch,  then will take shower before thinking to go out with friends or family for some fun or enjoyment.

You have many choices for your enjoyment like the movie, shopping, games, eating etc..

For these enjoyments, you have to spend money. Ultimately that for that day there are no earnings for you and you have got only spending. If you don’t do anything on Independence Day, logically you no earnings that day while spending a lot.  If I talk about your earnings that is nothing, only money comes at the end of the month and all household or other expenses have been done from that salary.

Now come to your living lifestyle:

* Movies on every weekend

* Monthly Shopping

* Once a month cafe, club, pub

* Half Yearly 1 trip out of the station

* Yearly 1 International Trip

* Quarterly Internet & Call Expenses

* Fuel Expenses for Your Bike or Car

* Accessories or Gadgets Expenses

* Single, girlfriend’s expenses

* Married, Wife’s and children’s expenses

Now, where counts your income in among these your lifestyle?

Think deeper about how are you managing all.

How many your earnings than your expenses, if you will calculate it then definitely your expenses will double your earnings. Let me give you a solution: You have to plan your vacation expenses and income in parallel. Like for weekend movie expenses you have to make your piggy bank that will only use when you go for a movie. You called it your movie piggy bank. Same for shopping you have to make your shopping piggy bank, only for shopping you will use this investment.  Same as for all your expenses you can manage your money. 

Now, here is how you are stress-free?  

Is there financial question mark has been removed from your life? No, still you are in stress because you partitioned your earnings according to your goals or desire but money is less and desires are more. And problem is, in the piggy bank my money is not increasing. So not satisfied, what to do next? Again, I have a solution for you invest your money from the piggy bank to SIP(Systematic Investment Plan). From SIP you can increase your money with some interest rate.  

Now, what is SIP? 

A SIP enables you to invest in mutual funds in a systematicautomated fashion. If you’re new to investing, it’s a good idea to stick to a monthly SIP since you probably get your salary paid on a monthly basis. In general term, it is like your bank FD where you can get more interest than a bank. Almost can double your money. You can do direct SIP with Banks or from some registered brokers. Big difference between them you can get excellent services from brokers but from the bank, you already know what their loose services are. One confusion is there that your SIP is done by the broker is within the bank or within the broker’s company. Let me make it very clear here broker is doing your SIP in Bank Provided Fund’s it means within the bank. Broker’s company only gives you services that bank doesn’t. 

You can Read more about SIP:

I think now you are feeling some stress relief, Let’s Invest with SIP: Start Now

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