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Top Mutual Funds of New Financial Year 2018-19..

The start of the financial year can be the best time to invest in that funds which gives you excellent returns. But you have to check or find out that scheme or fund in which you can invest for make your better coming year. If we look at the budget, how much of our expenditure did last year and how much we earned so our expenses are more than our earnings. Our money comes from our income (job) and goes with our expenses. In bank savings also our money does not grow more. Just because of we don’t know what is the way where our money can increase or multiply.

Do you have a clear idea about your better return investment?

Is it Fixed Deposit?

Life Insurance?


Here i am discussed about the Funds that suits your requirement.

Select Category according your Goal : –

Also you should know about the Large Cap Mid Cap, Small Cap and Multi Cap Funds.

  • Large Cap Funds : Large cap funds are those funds which invest a larger proportion of their corpus in companies with large market capitalization.
  • Mid-cap funds​​ : Mid-caps are those that they lie between large-caps and small-caps in terms of company size. Mid-cap equity funds are advised for investors with a higher risk tolerance than large-cap investors. So, invest in these schemes if you seek higher capital appreciation, albeit w​ith reasonably higher risk.​
  • Small cap funds​​ : Small-cap stocks typically have the highest growth potential, since the underlying companies are young, and seek to expand aggressively. They are more vulnerable to a business or economic downturn, making them more volatile than large and mid-caps.
  • Multi Cap funds : These funds invest in stocks across market capitalization. That is, their portfolio comprises of large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks. They are relatively less risky compared to a pure mid cap or a small cap fund and are suitable for not-so-aggressive investors.

Top Large Cap Equity Mutual Funds

Top Multi Cap Equity Mutual Funds

Top Mid Cap Equity Mutual Funds

Top Balanced Equity Mutual Funds

Top Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) Mutual Funds (Tax Saving Funds)

Start your financial year with top mutual funds and make your wealth easily. 

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