Top 10 Performing Mutual Funds.

Many mutual fund investors have the habit of searching for top 10 mutual fund schemes while investing in mutual funds.

Mutual Funds are professionally managed investment schemes. They represent a pool of funds that are professionally managed by expert Mutual Fund managers. The fund managers keep a record of the performance and growth of these funds and make required alterations so that the funds perform well and the investors receive the best possible returns.

  • Bunch of benefits

1. Tax Deduction

2. Low Risk

3. High Returns.

  • Optimum utilization of  time, money and value.
  • Brilliant minds focused on wealth generation.
  • Its now or never, use other mind for your wealth creation.

    Top 10 Large Cap-oriented Equity Funds

    1. Mirae Asset India Opportunities Direct-G
    2. Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused 25 Direct-G
    3. Aditya Birla SL Top 100 Direct-G
    4. Kotak Classic Equity – Direct (G)
    5. Aditya Birla SL Top 100-G
    6. SBI Blue Chip Fund – Direct (G)
    7. Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund(G)
    8. Franklin India Bluechip Fund(D)
    9. ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity Direct-G
    10. Aditya Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund(D)

    Top 10 Diversified Equity Funds

    1. DSPBR Opportunities Fund-Reg(G)
    2. ICICI Pru Multicap Fund(D)
    3. Kotak Opportunities Fund(G)
    4. SBI Magnum Multicap Fund-Reg(D)
    5. BNP Paribas Dividend Yield -Dir (G)
    6. Aditya Birla SL Advantage Fund(D)
    7. HDFC Capital Builder Fund(G)
    8. Franklin India Prima Plus Fund(D)
    9. DSPBR Opportunities Fund-Reg(D)
    10. Tata Equity Opportunities Fund(D)

    Top 10 Equity Linked Savings Schemes

    1. L&T Tax Advantage -Direct (G)
    2. IDFC Tax Advantage (ELSS)-RP (G)
    3. Tata India Tax Savings Fund – Direct (G)
    4. Aditya Birla SL Tax Plan(G)
    5. Franklin (I) Tax Shield -Direct (G)
    6. Principal Tax Savings Fund
    7. Invesco India Tax Plan – DP (G)
    8. Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G)
    9. Sundaram Diversified Equity(G)
    10. Aditya Birla SL Tax Relief ’96(G)

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