Tiny steps to bigger milestones.

Sea waves shows up and down of the regular ongoing life of the ocean.

So , as to, with life also, it comprises high and low, up and down.

Ups are unpredictable’s and also welcome warmly, but downs are not acceptable and carry on with sorrowful  minds, shortage of money increases the pressure of sorrow.

So, it requires, same up/down solution to solve it.

SIP behaves like sea waves, they buy when market is up and they also buy when market is low.

Traditionally, people save equal amount of money with regular interval in the bank and do have a fixed date to withdraw it as term deposit but SIP favour you, when it requires you the most.

There is no fixed date to withdraw the money. As it helps you when it actual requires to meet the necessary.

Small amount of investment in every month help you to fight with your difficult time.

  • it can be a medical emergency
  • it can be need of home appliance
  • it can be requirement of household requirement
  • it may be for house renovation
  • it can be a holiday planning for domestic or aboard
  • it can be school fee hike of your children academic, or
  • it may be purchase or down payment for vehicle need.

No one is sure, to analyze the actual requirement of the fund, SIP provide you to preplan your emergency.

SIP not only provides funding to the emergency but also help in the wealth creations.

So, start your SIP, as prevention is better than cure.

Invest for your child education, If your child is in school, you should already have a college fund set aside for her. Last week, IIM Ahmedabad hiked the fee of its two-year management course to Rs. 21 Lakh. IIM fees has risen 500% since 2007. Imagine how much it will be when your child is ready to go to college.

Education is a major expense incurred by a parent, Invest for your parents responsibilities, starting early means a smaller outflow, since you have a longer investment horizons.

Invest for your retirement, and  present happy moments, invest equally in both debt and equity or go for balanced funds to get the ideal asset mix.

Go ahead , with tiny steps one by one, to achieve the ongoing milestone in your life.

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