The Young Genius….!

Dear parents,

We’re delighted to bring you a short story specially for your children.

The young Genius!

Ishaan was preparing for his school exam that day. Anup, his little brother was playing with his toy car in his room. Accidentally the toy car fell down the stairs and broke. Ishaan heard his brother crying and came down immediately. He brought his screwdriver set which he always kept with him to fix objects.

Ishaan carefully separated the parts of the toy car using his screwdriver. He used a new set of nuts and bolts to fix the broken parts. After he fixed the main parts of the toy, he made an effort to repair the tiny headlights of the toy car. To his surprise, he managed to easily join the small wire which had come loose and replace the old battery with new one. Anup was very delighted that he could play with his car once again.

Ishaan’s father who noticed that whole event, was amazed to see his effort and was very impressed . His father advised him to be an engineer in the future. Ishaan felt very motivated.

He then made up his mind…


Children today have innumerable career choices. you need to be prepared for their decision.

As parents, it is our responsibility to give children the freedom to choose. But we need to be prepared, both emotionally and financialiy to support and fulfill their aspirations. So start planning for their future requirements.

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