The Picture Perfect dream….!

It was her father’s 40th birthday. Piyali wanted to gift him something very special and memorable. Her father loved gardening. So she decided to make a collage of pictures for her father and put it in a photo frame. She had a camera which her uncle had given her as a birthday gift. With the camera she clicked beautiful pictures of her father gardening in the yard.

Her father was watering the plants with a smile on his face. She captured her father’s expression. The picture was so stunning that Piyali couldn’t believe her eyes. She took several other pictures of him, focussing on other different elements in the garden.

She experimented with the different camera functions and photo effects. She was really amazed to see what a camera can do.

  • After her father cut the cake in the evening, she gave him her gift. Her father was  and touched by the gesture.
  • The pictures were colorful and looked very beautiful. He couldn’t believe that Piyali could take such beautiful pictures.
  • Piyali had never imagined that her father would be so delighted. She made up her mind…


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