Bharat 22 ETF(Exchange Traded Fund)

An open-ended Exchange Traded fund investing in S&P BSE Bharat 22 Index. (Managed By ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd.) Key Highlights Diversified exposure volatility risk adjusted returns Six sectors (Basic materials,Energy,Finance,FMCG,Industrials and Utilities). Secular growth prospects (FMCG and Utilities)+Cyclical (Energy,Metals,Industrial). Diversification can help reduce volatility and improve risk adjusted returns. Seeking Stability + Growth Mix of

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The perfect winter breaks.

A round up of five destinations worth exploring over the Christmas and new year holidays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice. December is less than a week away and its time to firm up winter holiday plans . We know the feeling when long weekends or holidays approach or when there is

Safeguard for your wealth despite crashing markets.

“Markets see Red; Investors’ wealth Eroded; Rupee breaches 74-mark; Sensex Tumbles 800 points” Our clients have been waking up to morning newspaper headlines like  these ones very frequently these days. Then they quickly check online their portfolios and calculate how much of their wealth got eroded. Nervousness sets in and the next thing you see

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What is a SIP?

What is a SIP?  “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean” An SIP enables you to invest in mutual funds in a systematic, automated fashion. If you’re new to investing, it’s a good idea to stick to a monthly SIP since you probably get your salary paid on a monthly basis. For some investors

Why your Best mutual fund is not Best fund For Ever.

“Investments in Mutual Funds are Subjected to Market Risk, please Check details before investing”. Stagnant water smells, but flowing river does not smell. Once upon a time, there lived a rich man. He was very rich and prosperous. But he was very miser and he never wanted  to help any poor person. One day a

Book Big Profits.

EPF should deploy its fund in diverse assets. The central goverment reportedly wants the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) to sell shares and use the capital gains to increase the payout for its subscribers. This is the right thing to do, with the Sensex crossing 35,000. The EPFO, which manages workers’ retirement funds, should go

Wealth Bhai Blog.

GFS Wealth Creators has launched a new blog called “Wealth Bhai“. This blog guides requires investors to invest in the right direction on the basis of individuals. If anyone requires rapid development, then to achieve this goal , there is a different route in the way. If someone needs a slow increase then this is

BSE,NSE Sensex of 5th Jan, 2018.

Markets at lifetime high : Follow through on Monday may confirm range breakout ; Nifty opened – 10535.30 with a gap up of 31 Points. Intraday Low – 10521.20 Intraday High – 10567.20              Closed – 10560.85                 Gain – 55 Points Gains contributed

Nifty & Bank Nifty Views of 1st Jan, 2018.

Nifty is holding its resistance near 10550; Narrow trading range inside 10400 – 10550 remained intact; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10531.70 with a gap up of just 19 Points. Intraday Closed – 10435.55                 Loss – 95 Points Gains contributed by REALTY. Within Nifty 50 : Biggest

Trading Updates of 2nd Jan, 2018.

Wait patiently for market to move beyond range; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10477.55 with a gap up of 42 Points. Intraday Low – 10404.65   Intraday High – 10495.20              Closed – 10442.20              Gains contributed by METAL & AUTO Within Nifty 50 :

Share Market News of 30th Dec, 2017.

Nifty end year 2017 with a gain of more than 28% ; Nifty View : Nifty closed with a gain of more than 28% this year. Nifty has stuck in the range of 10400 – 10550 from last eight trading sessions Stock Market – Spot Price (Nifty : 10526.45, Sensex : 34056.83) Bank Nifty View

Stock Market News Of 28th Dec, 2017.

December expiry ended with a gain of almost 230 Points :  Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10498.20 with a minor gap up of just 8 Points. Intraday High – 10534.55          Closed – 10477.90               Loss – 13 Points Gains contributed by REALTY & METAL Within

Trading Updates of 27th Dec, 2017.

Nifty closed lower :  Pharma gains a more than 2.50%; Stay long in Nifty with Stop Loss; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10531.05 with a big gap down at 70 Points. Intraday Closed – 10490.75               Loss – 40 Points Gains contributed by MEDIA & PHARMA Stock Market –

Share Market News of 26th Dec, 2017.

Large range breakout in Nifty; Stay long in Nifty with suggested stop loss; Look for buying in Bank Nifty; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10512.30 with a gap up of just 19 Points. Intraday High – 10531.50                 Gain – 38 Points Gains contributed by METAL, PSU BANK

Trading Updates Of 22th Dec, 2017.

Contraction in Nifty; Bank Nifty for past 4 days; Look for buying opportunities only; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10457.30 with a gap up of just 17 Points. Intraday High – 10493              Closed – 10500              Gain – 52 Points Gains contributed by

Nifty And Bank Nifty Market Views of 21st Dec, 2017.

Nifty closes flat amid volatility :  Nifty fails to cross 10500; A large trading range remains intact; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10473.95 with a gap up of 29 Points. Intraday low – 10426.90 Intraday High – 10443.55           Closed – 10440.30             Loss – 3 Points

Share Market News of 20th Dec, 2017.

Nifty touches almost 10500 – Provides 2 different paths : Top of trading range or imminent breakout? Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10494.40 with a gap up of 31 Points. Intraday low – 10437.15 Gains contributed by REALTY & MEDIA. Within Nifty 50 : Biggest Gainer – HINDALCO & ONGC Biggest Losers – DRREDDY

Stock Market News of 19th Dec, 2017.

Upside momentum continues in markets : Nifty at the verge of making new lifetime highs; fresh 52 week high in Maruti & Bajaj auto; Nifty View : Nifty Opened – 10414.80 with a gap up of 26 Points. Intraday Low – 10406 Intraday High – 10463.20           Gain – 74 Points Gains

Trading Updates of 18th Dec, 2017.

Higher volatility persists in the market :  May see new lifetime high very soon; Buying is suggested on dips & breakouts; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10263.10 with a big gap down at 70 Points. Intraday low – 10074.80 Intraday High – 10443.55              Closed – 10388.75     

How to Save Taxes?

Applicable Tax rate assuming highest Tax bracket + 15% Surcharge + 3% Cess. The returns from your investments are subject to numerous Taxes like : Short-Term Capital Gains Long-Term Capital Gains Income Tax as per your slab rate So, your real return can be much lower post-Tax, especially if you take inflation into account too. 

Boost your Salary on this New Year.

A New Year often comes with a salary increment.  But, remember, this is also the opportunity window to optimize your salary. Let’s look at how you can do so : Review your salary structure Maximize allowances, Tax savings Get the most Tax deductions through investments like ELSS; loan repayments; health insurance for yourself and dependents;

Home Loan EMI and Mutual Fund SIP!

See how a SIP works more for you than an EMI? It is an open fact that homes are generally bought on finance from banks and housing finance companies charging an interest rate. Customers, in turn, pay the applicable EMIs for the loan they avail from the financial institution. Buying a house means long-term commitment

Top 10 Performing Mutual Funds.

Many mutual fund investors have the habit of searching for top 10 mutual fund schemes while investing in mutual funds. Mutual Funds are professionally managed investment schemes. They represent a pool of funds that are professionally managed by expert Mutual Fund managers. The fund managers keep a record of the performance and growth of these funds

Mutual Fund v/s Fixed Deposit Returns.

Fixed Deposit : People often opt for fixed deposits (FD), considering them to be risk-free. The security of having money in the bank is apparently a significant factor and with FDs, it is highly unlikely that you will lose your money. However, with other factors at play, notably inflation and taxes, do FDs provide more

The Best Way to Apply for an Aadhaar Card

 Aadhaar Card What is an Aadhaar Card? Aadhaar program was launched in 2009 by the Central government, with a main objective to give universal identity to every resident Indian. Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric ID system, with over 1.123 billion enrolled members as of 28 February 2017. Aadhaar Card – Do i really need

What is ELSS?

Mutual Fund ELSS schemes : Best way to Save Tax and Create Wealth As recent as a few months back, more than one person told me that they would not have invested in life insurance policies for tax saving if they knew more about the return potential of Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS). Despite considerable

The Picture Perfect dream….!

It was her father’s 40th birthday. Piyali wanted to gift him something very special and memorable. Her father loved gardening. So she decided to make a collage of pictures for her father and put it in a photo frame. She had a camera which her uncle had given her as a birthday gift. With the camera

Musical & Maestro……!

Arjun was very excited. He was going to visit his uncle who was a very famous musician. Arjun loved music. He used to play his small piano that his mother had gotten him on his seventh birthday. Today, he would get to learn a lot more about music from his uncle.       When

The Young Genius….!

Dear parents, We’re delighted to bring you a short story specially for your children. The young Genius! Ishaan was preparing for his school exam that day. Anup, his little brother was playing with his toy car in his room. Accidentally the toy car fell down the stairs and broke. Ishaan heard his brother crying and came

Chasing dreams…!

Dear parents, We’re delighted to bring you a collection of short stories specially for your children. While the stories will inspire your children to follow their dreams, we’re sure the note at the end will benefit you as well. The Curious Little Chef!!! Naina was very excited for her birthday party. She dressed up quickly


To avail of the deduction under Section 80C, should I invest in PPF or ELSS? Before we move on, let us look at both investment options. The Public Provident Fund, or PPF, and an equity linked savings plan, or ELSS, are eligible for a deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, which has

Investment Child’s Plans…………….

Child Plans offered by Mutual Funds :  Mutual fund houses like HDFC, ICICI Prudential, UTI, Templeton, Tata and SBI offer a variety of choices as far child plans  are concerned. Child plans also help earmark funds for specific goals, dividing the portfolio into several categories. This makes it simpler for a parent to monitor the

Investment Choices For Your Children’s Goal Planning.

Future of our Children: The future of our children is probably the biggest concern for most parents. Many  parents start saving for their children’s education and marriage, soon after the child is born. This is, of course, the right thing to do, because the parents can benefit from power of compounding while the child is