KHFM Hospitality & Facility Management Services Ltd. (IPO)

KHFM Hospitality Limited is one of the reputed integrated business services providers focused on providing integrated hospitality and facility management services (IHFM). The Company provides the entire range of hospitality and facility management services including mechanized housekeeping, guesthouse management, pest control, gardening and security service, etc. The IPO page of KHFM Hospitality & Facility Management Services Ltd. captures

Osia Hyper Retail Limited IPO

Osia Hyper Retail Limited is a developing supermarket chain with a focus on value retailing. The first store of Osia Hyper Retail is open in 2013-2014 and based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with the name of Osia Hypermart. Now, the company has 11 stores with the retail business located across various cities in Gujarat. The Osia

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD

Non convertible debentures (NCD) are fixed-income instruments, usually issued by high-rated companies. They offer higher interest rate than convertible debentures. Muthoot Finance Limited NCD scheduling its Secured, Rated, Listed Redeemable Non convertible debentures from February 14, 2019 – March 14, 2019 is having Base Issue size of Rs.100 Crore with an option to retain oversubscription up to Rs.650 Crore aggregating

Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited NCD

What is NCD?  Non – Convertible debentures are fixed income products that offer nearly higher returns which are hard to stand up to. The companies issuing NCDs are promising double-digit rates, much more than bank Fixed Deposits or Company Fixed Deposits. Not many fixed income instruments are able to deliver such high returns. However, in last few years companies have raised great money