Prominent football fever helps you to win your investment fantasy.

Best tools for winning your fantasy football league 2018.

First, You should remember the object of the game as well as remember the goal of your investment.

If your MF investments were a football field….how would your game plan look like?

Center Forwards :

Equity funds help you create wealth like forwards score goals. More specifically: Mid Cap/Small Cap and Blue Chip Funds.

Mid Fielders :

Balanced funds are your midfielders, playing the dual role of creating wealth as well as protecting from loss. There are two kinds: – Debt Oriented and Equity Oriented.

Defence :

Short-term and Long-term Debt Funds are your centre-back and left-back players respectively. Debt funds defend your portfolio from losses.

Goalkeeper :

In an emergency situation, when the opponent sneaks through your defence, your goalkeeper comes in handy. Liquid Funds and Cash can help your financial emergencies.

Bench Players :

Ultra Short-Term Debt Funds are your extra players on the bench. They can replace your cash for really short terms and help you earn returns.

Football (Soccer) Rules :

  • A football match is played by two teams. Likewise in the investment, the investment strategy is played between two member i.e; fund manager and investor.

  • A match is played in two 45 minute halves. Likewise, you can get advice in less than 45 minutes.

  • The game begins with the toss of a coin, and the winning captain decides which goal to defend or to take the first kick off likewise in investing your investment starts when you register yourself with the fund manager and company in the form of KYC(Knowledge Your Customer) and your fund manager is the caretaker of your money to give you a more returns.

  • All players must use their feet head or chest to play the ball. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to use their hands, and only within their designated goal area. Same as in investing your fund manager invest your money in that funds that suits your requirements and fulfil your goals and you have to check your investment from time to time and make changes when needed.

  • The aim of the game is to score a goal, which is achieved by kicking or heading the ball into the opposing team’s goal. In investing let suppose your goal is to study your children in abroad which is achieved by invest in children’s fund.

  • If the ball touches or crosses the sideline, it is thrown back in by the team that was not the last to touch the ball. In investing if your investment portfolio looks negative so discuss the reason with your fund manager and make it change if required in your investment.

  • The game is controlled by a central referee and two linesmen. They award free kicks and penalties when rules are broken. For continual breaking of rules or for a bad foul, the player may be sent off. In investing your returns based on your fund selected by your investment advisor. Many of times your investment looks negative but no changes required so don’t lose your patience, just be calm and watch your investment.

Top Players :

Top Players of this game has their own trick to win the game. As well as the investor has also their own knowledge or expertise to invest in which company.

  1. Lionel Messi

  2. Christiano Ronaldo

  3. David Beckham

  4. Neymar

As like the top players of the football you liked only the best one with their playing tricks. Same in the investment there are also some top investment company or financial advisor in this industry so you have to choose the best one.

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