Musical & Maestro……!

Arjun was very excited.

He was going to visit his uncle who was a very famous musician. Arjun loved music. He used to play his small piano that his mother had gotten him on his seventh birthday. Today, he would get to learn a lot more about music from his uncle.




When Arjun arrived at his uncle’s studio , a song was being recorded for a Bollywood movie. Arjun was awestruck. He saw a famous singer singing and the music director guiding him. He saw so many musical instruments. Some of them he had not even seen before. His uncle was kind enough to show him around. Arjun learnt more about musical instruments like the air horn, xylophone and triangle. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that laptops are used to mix various musical tunes.

The one instrument that excited him the most was his uncle’s personal piano. Arjun desperately wanted to try some of his tunes on the piano.

His uncle saw Arjun’s enthusiasm and asked him to play some music. After playing, his uncle and everyone in the studio gave him a standing ovation. Arjun would never have imagined that his uncle and famous people from the music industry would like his music.

Arjun was motivated. He made up his mind……..





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