How to get a corpus of Rs. 21 lakh by doing daily small savings.

From cutting down on caffeine and swallowing less fuel to being more energy efficient, here are some cost-cutting estimates that can enable you to gather an amount over 10 years.

It’s never too latte to save

Cutting down on caffeine is good for your health and wallet.


Based on the cost of a cup of Espresso (tall) at Startbucks (Rs. 255).


Junk the junk

Ditch just one junk meal a week to make a noticeable difference to your financial health.



Based on the cost of a cup of a regular-sized Deluxe Veggie pizza (Rs. 247) and a bottle of Coke Mobile )Rs. 55) at Domino’s.


Weekday movie nights

Weekday movie outings are light on the pocket and provide a crowd-free experience.








A movie a month; prices are for ‘Antman and the Wasp’ at Inox Nariman Point, Mumbai, for the costliest price slab.


Eat in More

Cutting down on eating out at fine dining restaurants will enhance your long-term significantly.










Approximate cost of dining for two at a high-end restaurant at a five-star hotel in Mumbai.


Be energy efficient

Despite higher initial costs, switching to energy-efficient air conditioners has long-term benefits.









The AC is used for 10 hours a day for 8 months a year and tariff is Rs. 6 per unit. A 3-star rated 2-ton AC is replaced with a 5-star rated 1.5-ton AC. However, the upfront acquisition cost of a 5-star AC will be higher.


Reduce gadget greed

Switching mobiles or other gadgets frequently is a fad and resisting it has its rewards.









Based on the current cost of OnePlus 6-8 GB RAM and 128 GB memory (with exchange) on


Guzzle less fuel

Leaving the car at home once in a while and taking public transport makes money sense.








Mileage of 15km/litre and retail petrol price in Faridabad as of today (Rs. 70.22) considered.



The small tweaks add up to an impressive corpus



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