Chasing dreams…!

Dear parents,

We’re delighted to bring you a collection of short stories specially for your children.

While the stories will inspire your children to follow their dreams, we’re sure the note at the end will benefit you as well.

The Curious Little Chef!!!

Naina was very excited for her birthday party. She dressed up quickly and ran to the kitchen.Her mother was prepare a pineapple cake for the party. Naina stood there spellbound as she saw her mother placing the last cherry on the huge cake.

Naina had always wanted to cook, so today she thought of preparing something special for her freinds. With help from her mother, she made a yummy pudding for them. Naina carefully blended the milk, egg, cocoa, butter and salt to create a smooth batter. she put the batter in the oven and heated it for some to get the perfect taste. At the end, she poured caramel syrup on top of pudding.

Her friends arrived in the evening for the party. They gave her a lot of presents. Naina then cut the huge pineapple cake.

Everybody was enjoying the party but Naina was nervous and kept thinking about the pudding she had made. Soon, it was time to serve them the pudding. To her delight, her friends loved it and all of them had second helpings.

This made her day even more special. At that moment, she made up her mind.


        A chance to build your child’s story….!

Children today have innumerable career choices. you need to be prepared for their decision.

As parents, it is our responsibility to give children the freedom to choose. But we need to be prepared, both emotionally and financialiy to support and fulfil their aspirations. So start planning for their future requirements.

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