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Wealth Bhai New Year’s Resolutions For 2019.

Spending less and saving more, and in addition paying down debt, are consistently among best financial New Year’s goals individuals make every year.    In any case, with 80 percent of goals bombing, by what method can individuals improve the situation in 2019? Don’t be discouraged, though. Wealth Bhai has your back. We set up together a rundown

Build a Rs. 50 Lakh corpus for your child.

How to build a Rs. 50 Lakh corpus for your child? The corpus you build will depend on when you start investing, how much you invest in equity and debt, and the instruments you choose. Find out how to secure your children’s future by taking the the right money decisions and opting for appropriate investing

Why your Best mutual fund is not Best fund For Ever.

“Investments in Mutual Funds are Subjected to Market Risk, please Check details before investing”. Stagnant water smells, but flowing river does not smell. Once upon a time, there lived a rich man. He was very rich and prosperous. But he was very miser and he never wanted  to help any poor person. One day a

Tiny steps to bigger milestones.

Sea waves shows up and down of the regular ongoing life of the ocean. So , as to, with life also, it comprises high and low, up and down. Ups are unpredictable’s and also welcome warmly, but downs are not acceptable and carry on with sorrowful  minds, shortage of money increases the pressure of sorrow. So,

Time Value of Money.

Some people put their money in a bank account; some make investments in stocks and bonds. Different people follow different strategies to keep their money on the move. All of them consciously or unconsciously realize time is the biggest enemy of idle money. So, the concept of time value of money always influences our decision

Beyond the twinkling stars.

Kirti was on her way home when she saw a poster outside the city museum. The city museum had organised a competition where participants had to build models of outer space. She was very eager to take part in the competition. Stars, planets and other space objects always intrigued her.   Kriti took help from

Womanhood of wealth creation.

Lakshmi, sitting besides the window seat, How does money grow,  by seeding a coin in the mud pot, nurture it and it will grow as a money tree and provide with coins as fruits, or she remembers, how her mother kept the occasionally got 100 rupees note benefit the clothes, or inside the rice drum.

Worst news for salaried class people.

The Finance Minister announced an increase in customs duty, which will majorly hit the middle-class. Since birth I have seen two types of budget!! 1. Bad Budget and nothing for middle class! 2. Good Budget but nothing for middle class!#Budget2018 Arun Jaitley announced an increase in the customs duty on mobile phones from 15 per

Ideas for Your Money.

GFS Wealth Creators organised a Seminar with Hitesh Mali. Given the current market scenario, They advised to invest more in Dynamic Asset Location Funds. He also said that the infrastructure sector will be the next field in which the customer will earn money. He has played an important role in investing more in SIP rather

Wealth Bhai Blog.

GFS Wealth Creators has launched a new blog called “Wealth Bhai“. This blog guides requires investors to invest in the right direction on the basis of individuals. If anyone requires rapid development, then to achieve this goal , there is a different route in the way. If someone needs a slow increase then this is

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Financial Lessons from Bollywood.

How to Save Taxes?

Applicable Tax rate assuming highest Tax bracket + 15% Surcharge + 3% Cess. The returns from your investments are subject to numerous Taxes like : Short-Term Capital Gains Long-Term Capital Gains Income Tax as per your slab rate So, your real return can be much lower post-Tax, especially if you take inflation into account too. 

Boost your Salary on this New Year.

A New Year often comes with a salary increment.  But, remember, this is also the opportunity window to optimize your salary. Let’s look at how you can do so : Review your salary structure Maximize allowances, Tax savings Get the most Tax deductions through investments like ELSS; loan repayments; health insurance for yourself and dependents;

The Best Way to Apply for an Aadhaar Card

 Aadhaar Card What is an Aadhaar Card? Aadhaar program was launched in 2009 by the Central government, with a main objective to give universal identity to every resident Indian. Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric ID system, with over 1.123 billion enrolled members as of 28 February 2017. Aadhaar Card – Do i really need

The Picture Perfect dream….!

It was her father’s 40th birthday. Piyali wanted to gift him something very special and memorable. Her father loved gardening. So she decided to make a collage of pictures for her father and put it in a photo frame. She had a camera which her uncle had given her as a birthday gift. With the camera

The Young Genius….!

Dear parents, We’re delighted to bring you a short story specially for your children. The young Genius! Ishaan was preparing for his school exam that day. Anup, his little brother was playing with his toy car in his room. Accidentally the toy car fell down the stairs and broke. Ishaan heard his brother crying and came

Chasing dreams…!

Dear parents, We’re delighted to bring you a collection of short stories specially for your children. While the stories will inspire your children to follow their dreams, we’re sure the note at the end will benefit you as well. The Curious Little Chef!!! Naina was very excited for her birthday party. She dressed up quickly