HDB Fin Gets Rs.80,000 – Cr Valuation in Grey Market

Shares of HDB Financial,the NBFC arm of HDFC Bank,are baing valued at over Rs 80,000 crore in the grey market,making it the country’s fourth most valuable non-bank lender at the existing prices. Brokers and market experts say HDB Financial Services is being traded heavily in the grey market at Rs.1,000-1,050 per share on hopes of

Sensex 40 Saal 40 Hazar (Sensex Record High above 40000 and nifty above 12000)

The benchmark BSE Sensex reclaimed the 40,000 mark, rallying nearly 300 points in early trade Friday led by gains in banking and IT stocks amid positive domestic cues and strong foreign fund inflow. After hitting a high of 40,119.81, the 30-share index was trading 271.12 points, or 0.68 per cent, higher at 40,103.09. In similar

Exit poll results suggest big win for NDA, a possible second term for Narendra Modi

Exit polls in India have a patchy record. Polling has been off the mark in two of the last four general elections in India,so nobody should assume that the final results, which will begin to be available later this week, will necessarily follow the pattern of the exit polls that were released as voting ended

Sensex rises 279 points; IT,finance stock shine

BENCHMARK INDICES FINISHED with smart gain Thursday as investors scooped up recently -battered stocks,led by information technology(IT) and financial counters,even as global markets reeled after the US escalated its trade conflict with china by imposing sanctions in telecom major Huawei. After trading on tepid note throughout the session,the BSE senex surged in the last hour

CPSE ETF – Another Opportunity to invest in 11 ratnas of Government of India at 4% discount*!

CPSE ETF FFO 4 Discount of 4% on the “FFO 4 Reference Market Price”  to the underlying Nifty CPSE Index shares Constituents of the index are: ONGC | NLC INDIA LTD | COAL INDIA LTD | RURAL ELECTRIFICATION CORPORATION LTD | IOC | POWER FINANCE CORPORATION LTD | NBCC (INDIA) LTD | BHARAT ELECTRONICS LTD

Market Outlook 05-March-2019

Global market & Events: DOW: -206 SGX NIFTY: 10829 (-18). However NIFTY 50 closed at 10863. Dollar: 70.91 Gold: $ 1287 per ounce Crude: $ 65.45 per barrel 10 year US bond rate: 2.72 percent 10 year Indian Bond rate: 7.37 percent VIX: 16.27 FII: +198 DII: +117 Market View – Market to open down

Market Outlook 01-March-2019

Global market & Events: DOW: -69 (There wasn’t no specific conclusion between Trump and Kim) SGX NIFTY: 10872 (-2). However NIFTY 50 closed at 10792 Dollar: 70.75 vs 71.24 Gold: $ 1314 per ounce Crude: $ 66.54 per barrel 10 year US bond rate: 2.71 percent 10 year Indian Bond rate: 7.40 percent VIX: 18.28

Market Outlook 28-Feb-2019

Global market & Events: DOW: -73 (Cohen testimony didn’t impacted the US markets) SGX NIFTY:10797 (-7).However NIFTY 50 closed at 10806. Dollar : 71.24 vs 71.07 Gold:$ 1318 per ounce Crude: $ 66.26 per barrel 10 year US bond rate : 2.67 percent 10 year Indian Bond rate: 7.47 percent VIX: 18.90(+10.5%) FII: +423 DII:

Market Outlook 27-Feb-2019

Global market & Events: DOW :-33 SGX NIFTY:10865(+42).However Nifty closed at 10835 Dollar:71.07 vs 70.98 Gold:1328 per ounce Crude:65.64 vs 64.40 US bond rate:2.62 percent  India Bond rate:7.42 percent VIX:17.11(+11%) FII:+1674 DII:-720 Trump and Kin 2nd meet starts today. Market View – Expecting Positive aided by FII buying.For the month FII net buying Rs 8256

Market Outlook 26-Feb-2019

Global market & Events: DOW:+60 SGX NIFTY:10886(-6).However NIFTY 50 closed at 10880 Dollar:70.98 vs 71.14 Gold:1328 per ounce vs 1330 per ounce Crude: 64.40 vs 67.25 US bond rate:2.64 percent India Bond rate:7.41 percent VIX:15.36 FII:+2134 DII: -1746   Market Outlook – Expecting market to open weak due to news regarding air strike. Wait for

Market Outlook 22-Feb-2019

Global market & Events: Dow:-104 SGX NIFTY:10793(-20).However NIFTY 50 closed at 10789 Dollar:71.24 vs 71.12 Gold:1325 per ounce vs 1338 per ounce Crude:66.89 vs 66.75 US bond rate:2.68 percent India Bond rate:7.35 percent VIX:16.05(-5%) FII: +55 DII: +202 Market Outlook-Expecting range bound (10650 to 10900) with positive bias. Mid cap and Small caps showing signs

Market outlook of 30th May, 2018.

Rally stands and faces resistance near 10700-10720; index closed lower, led by bank and financial, a trading range is visible in Nifty i.e. 10400-10700. Nifty index failed to hold above 10700 marks and wiped out its entire gains of the previous session. The price setup suggests range bound move with limited upside. It has support

Market Outlook of 29th May, 2018.

Rally extended for the third day; trading near its resistance at 10700; all sectoral indices closed higher except Nifty IT. Nifty index opened with a gap up and extended its gains towards the 10710. It formed a bullish candle on the daily scale and made higher highs – higher lows for 3rd consecutive session. As

Market Outlook Of 28th May, 2018.

Nifty extended rally for the second consecutive session, closed above 10600; trading inside its resistance zone 10600-10700. It was another volatile week for the Nifty 50 index, as it declined to an intra-week low of 10417 before bouncing back to close on a marginal positive note. The index has added just 8.75 points last week.

Market Outlook of 24th May, 2018.

Big decline in Nifty brings index near 10400 supports; today may have been an exhaustion day with panic selling. Nifty index failed to cross the previous day’s high and corrected towards 10420. It is making lower highs-lower lows for last 6 sessions. Now, if it sustains below 10500 then weakness could drag it towards 10350-10333

Market Outlook of 23rd May, 2018.

Sixth day lucky after five days of falling, nifty finally closely higher intermediate trend remains down; rally may face resistance around 10600. Nifty index traded in a range of 50-60 points throughout session and closed near its 50 day EMA. However, it continued to form lower highs – lower lows for last 5 sessions and

Market Outlook of 22nd May, 2018.

The index slipped for a 5th consecutive session in a row. Nifty open positive but failed to gather momentum and close marginally above its crucial support. The Nifty index continued its selling pressure and has been forming lower highs- lower lows for last 5 sessions. As long as it holds below 10550 weakness could extend

Market Outlook of 18th May, 2018.

Nifty extend losses for the second consecutive session, ended below 10700; Midcap outperformed today. Nifty index failed to cross above 10785 zones and witnesses selling pressure on last session. If it holds below 10725, then weakness could extend and take it towards next major support of 10600 zones while hurdles at 10785. India VIX fell

Market Outlook of 17th May, 2018.

Nifty ended below 10800 as uncertainty still ahead regarding the Karnataka elections; the index came back in a trading range 10700-10900. Nifty index opened gap down and remained volatile throughout session. Index negated the formation of higher lows of last 7 sessions and corrected towards 10700. Now it has to cross and hold above 10785

Market Outlook of 14th May, 2018.

Nifty closed higher above 10800; a trading range inside 10600-10800 of last 10 days has broken on upside; metal, NBFC and bank shines today. Nifty index opened gap up and witnesses sustain buying interest till the end of the session. It has given a decisive close above 10800 after consolidating between 10600 to 10785 in

Market Outlook of 11th May, 2018.

Nifty closed lower near 10700; a trading range inside 10600-10800 remained intact for last 9 trading days. Nifty index opened positive but failed to surpass 10785 and corrected towards 10700. It found supply near previous week’s high of 10784 marks. As long as it holds above 10680, it can extend its rally towards 10780 then

Market Outlook of 10th May, 2018.

Nifty ended on the positive note followed by IT and PVT Banks; a trading range inside 10600-10800 remained intact; may see a breakout soon from this range. Nifty index opened flattish but managed to hold its immediate support of 10680-10690 zone and headed towards 10766. As long as it holds above 10680, it can extend its

Market Outlook of 9th May, 2018.

Nifty ended flat after opening with a gap up; intraday movement was very volatile; a trading range inside 10600-10800 remained intact from last 7 days; outperformance in Bank Nifty continued. Nifty index opened positive but follow up buying was missing at higher levels and it got stuck in a range of 40-50 points, It formed

Market Outlook of 8th May, 2018.

Nifty bounced back from 10600 support zones; closed higher by almost 1% but still trading below 10800 resistances. Nifty index opened positive and sustained buying was seen throughout the session. As long as it holds above 10680, it can extend rally towards 10780-10800 while below 10680 it could find support near to 10638 then 10600.

Market Outlook of 7th May, 2018.

Nifty continued its decline for the third day; all sectoral indices end in then red except Nifty Bank; 10800 act as a strong resistance. Nifty index opened flat and remained under pressure throughout the session. Nifty has been making lower highs – lower lows for last 2 sessions and till it holds below 10638, weakness

Market Outlook of 4th May, 2018.

  Nifty continued its decline; momentum is waning; 10800 acting as a strong resistance. Nifty index made an opening high at 10720 and remained under pressure with support in the 10638-10650 zones.  Nifty closed negative on the 2nd session. It broke out of the consolidation range between 10500 and 10638 last week and the previous

Market Outlook of 3rd May, 2018.

A gap up and then a sharp intraday decline; Nifty closed with minor losses ahead of Fed meeting outcome. Nifty index opened gap up but failed to hold the gains and corrected towards the 10690. Index closed negative and negated the formation of higher highs of last 3 sessions. Now, 10650-680 acts as a major

Market Outlook of 30th Apr, 2018.

Big breakout in Nifty pushes index towards 10700; Bank Nifty also come out from range and could also participate in rally; rupee weakness may help Pharma and IT stocks to outperform. Nifty index opened gap up and continued to witness buying interest, which lifted it towards 10719. It gives the consolidation breakout from its trading

Market Outlook of 27th Apr, 2018.

Nifty still trading range; index closes at the top edge of the range; a move above 10640 should signal more upside; bearish below 10510. Nifty index remained range bound for most part of the day and then witnesses buying in the last half an hour of the session to extend its move towards 10630. Index

Market Outlook of 26th Apr, 2018.

Still in a trading range – Nifty support around 10510 and resistance around 10640; last 7 days move inside a small 130 points range. Nifty index remained range bound for first half then witnessed selling pressure in the last one hour of the session towards intraday low of 10536. Nifty failed to surpass immediate hurdle

Market Outlook of 25th Apr, 2018.

Nifty closes higher above 10600; trading at resistance zones near 10620; narrow trading suggests big move is ahead. Nifty index managed to hold above 10565 and headed towards 10636. It witnesses buying interest on declines as supports are gradually shifting higher. As long as it holds above the 10550-10565 it has potential to move back

Market Outlook of 24th Apr, 2018.

Choppy markets with minor Nifty gains as index continues to face resistance around the 10620 zone. Nifty index formed a wider range between 10514 and 10638. The index witnessed buying interest in morning dips, but saw selling pressure at higher levels, as it failed to hold above the immediate hurdle at 10630 in the last

Market Outllook of 23rd Apr, 2018.

Nifty index remained in a broader range and witnessed recovery from 10520 zones to close on a flattish note. It formed a Doji candle with long lower shadow which indicates that decline is being bought as it got stuck in range ahead of the expiry week. Index has been making higher highs – higher lows

Market Outlook of 20th Apr, 2018.

The index is still trading very choppy & narrow. Prices are finding intraday support at 10495 & resistance at 10600. Nifty remained in a narrow range for the entire session. It finally negated its higher highs formation after 14 consecutive trading session. Now, till it slips below 10480 then only some weakness could be seen

Market Outlook of 19th Apr, 2018.

Nifty index opened positive but failed to surpass 10,600 and slipped towards 10,500 zones. It continued its higher highs formation for last fourteen consecutive trading sessions but witnessed selling pressure in the second half of session and closed negative after the winning streak of last nine sessions. Now, if it sustains below 10,480 zones then only

Market Outlook of 18th Apr, 2018.

Nifty will take resistance at 10630. 600 Points rally to hold. Intermediate term is still bearish.  Nifty index opened positive and managed to hold above 10,480. From last 12 consecutive sessions, higher highs formation is made, which indicated that the bulls are holding the momentum.  As long as the index holds above 10,480 , it can

Market Outlook of 17th Apr, 2018.

Nifty index opened gap down but witnessed sustained buying interest throughout the trading session to settle near day’s high. It recovered sharply from 10396 levels and formed a Bullish Marubozu Candle on the daily scale which implies complete dominance by the bulls. It has been making higher highs from last eleven consecutive trading sessions implying

Market Outlook of 16th Apr, 2018.

The Nifty index extended its weekly gains for 3 week in a row, a mid choppiness. The index has advanced 149 points or 1.45% last week. Nifty index opened gap up but witnessed selling at higher levels and corrected towards 10,450. Index has been making higher highs for last 10 consecutive sessions and if it

Market Outlook of 13th Apr, 2018.

Nifty index managed to hold above 10400 zones and headed towards 10470 levels. It formed a Bullish candle on the daily scale and has been making higher highs from last nine consecutive trading sessions. It managed to close above immediate hurdle of 10420 zones and a decisive hold above 10420 could extend its move towards 10480

Market Outllook of 11th Apr, 2018.

Nifty and Bank Nifty traded very choppy; metal shines today with a gain of 2%. Nifty index continued to form higher highs for the 7th session and headed towards the 10424. Now it has immediate hurdle at 10450 then 10480, while holding below 10380 could lead to some consolidation towards its next support at 10333.

Market Outlook of 10th Apr, 2018.

Nifty rally continues with Index coming close to first resistance of 10450 target; if breaks most likely it happens then 10600. Nifty index continued from higher highs for sixth consecutive session  and headed towards 10450. It closed above its 50 day Moving Average on the daily chart. Nifty short term is in the bullish mode

Market Outlook of 9th Apr, 2018.

Nifty, Bank Nifty traded very choppy and narrow. Nifty index opened flat and remained range bound for most part of the session. As long as it holds above 10276 it can extend its move towards 10440, while supports at 10222 then 10180. Options data suggests trading range between 10200 and 10450. Index VIX remained flat

Market Outlook of 6th Apr, 2018.

Easing concerns over the trade war between US and China; Pull back Nifty to closed up 197 Points, the most since 25 May, 2016; Nifty on track to 11450 target; World markets find support at previous lows. Nifty index opened gap up and witnessed sustained buying interest till the end of session. It gained 197 points and

Market Outlook of 5th Apr, 2018.

Markets fall due to trade war concern between US – China; Multiple levels support at 10000-10050; focus on good quality stocks, avoid small caps. Nifty index failed to hold above its crucial resistance at 10276 and witnesses sustained selling till the end of the session. The index wiped out gains of previous 2 sessions, which

Market Outllook of 4th Apr, 2018.

Market recovers from intraday low; close with gains.          Nifty index opened flattish but managed to hold above 10171-10180 and witnessed a rally towards 10255 in the last hour of trade. It managed to close above previous week’s high. Now, it has to hold above 10222 to extend its move towards 10276 then 10333 while supports

Market Outlook of 3rd Apr, 2018.

Markets get cheerful start to financial year 2018-19; Nifty breaks above 10200. Nifty open positive and witnesses sustain buying interest throughout the day. It managed to hold above 10141and headed towards 10222. It traded above previous week’s close and if it continues to hold above 10222 to extend its move towards 10276 and then 10333

Market Outlook of 2nd April, 2018.

New Financial Year, New beginning of April Expiry suggest, 10000 hold on the cards and could be April for the Bulls and can rally towards 10300 and 10600. Nifty index opened negative by taking cues from weakness of global markets. After its consolidating index fell towards 10100. If it sustains above 10141 then it may

Market outlook of 28th Mar, 2018.

Nifty gains continues  as world markets join relief rally; April month likely to be much better , bullish and relief rally expected after 11% correction comes from high in March month. Nifty index opened gap up, tested the support at 10141 and recovered towards 10200. However it got stuck in a range during the second

Market Outlook of 27th Mar, 2018.

Probably market is at the end of correction; expect April to benefit the bulls. Nifty index managed to hold previous day’s low of 9951 and witnessed a strong rebound of around 200 points from its intraday low. Nifty crossed very decisively the important resistance of 10141. Now it has to hold above 10141 to extend

Market Outlook of 26th Mar, 2018.

Global markets spook markets; Indices are expected to end the month in the red. Expecting trade wars concerns spooked the market, with indices across the globe skidding last week. Indices fell nearly 2% to a five month low. Both the Nifty and the Sensex are set to end the month in the red, for the

Market Outlook of 23rd Mar, 2018.

Narrow ranges, intraday volatility, failure to cross resistance – Nifty without direction, remains choppy. Nifty index opened positive, but failed to surpass previous day’s high of 10227 and slipped towards 10100. Nifty is hovering near to its 200 DMA, bur follow up buying is missing even after it recent swing support at 10050. Now, if

Market Outlook of 22nd Mar, 2018.

Nifty is trading very choppy and narrow; the index may find short term support around 10100. Nifty opened gap up and negated its formation of lower highs – lower lows of the lat 4 trading session. Index remained volatile and bears are putting pressure at higher levels, but at the same time bulls are not

Market Outlook of 21st Mar, 2018.

Nifty may find short term support around 10100; relief rally is possible but intermediate trend remains down. Nifty index opened negative, but managed to hold 10050 levels, and witnessed a recovery of around 100 points from low points of the day. However, it witnessed a tough fight between bulls and bear in the range of

Market Outlook of 20th Mar, 2018.

Correction widely deepens and may find the support at 10000 levels Nifty index continued its weakness and corrected around 100 points. Market is forming lower highs – lower lows from last 3 trading sessions. First index it breaks and slipped below its 200 DMA, which implies short term pressure in the market. Now, till it

Market Outlook of 19th Mar, 2018.

Choppy markets create confusion;all sectoral indices closed in red. Global cues continue to emit mixed response bringing the choppy week to end in a flat closing. Despite the best intentions to head higher the higher levels attracted supplies thus inducing large scale volatility. The steady pressure emerging at higher levels have thus lead to weakness

Market Outlook of 16th Mar, 2018.

Market choppy and inside range; support at 10340 with resistance at 10440. Nifty formed an inside bar, as it traded inside the trading range of the last session. It failed to surpass previous day’s high of 10420 and corrected towards 10346. Nifty finding multiple hurdles near 10440, while a hold below 10340 could start a

Market Outlook of 15th Mar, 2018.

Choppy market and narrow ranges, market likely to consolidate between the band 10300 to 10530 Nifty Market continues to move in narrow range with high volatility & no conviction in a consistent move. Major support for the day is seen at 10300 while resistance is seen at 10440. Nifty once again needs to decisively cross

Market Outlook of 14th Mar, 2018.

Nifty facing resistance at 10500 levels, intermediate trend remains down Nifty index continued the formation of higher highs and higher lows, but had a roller-coaster ride. Market lost all the gains on the second half, which indicates that the bears are active at higher levels to push the index. Nifty managed to cross previous week’s

Market Outlook of 13th Mar, 2018.

Nifty gained 194.5 points (1.9%), to close at 10421, its biggest single day gain since May 25, 2016. Outlook still looks positive and faces resistance at 10440. On last week Friday, the nifty identified a contraction (narrowing of range) in the nifty. Markets move in cycles of contraction and expansion. If we had the contraction

Market Outlook of 12th Mar, 2018.

Nifty has been on a roller coaster ride. The Nifty started on a positive note on Friday but failed to keep the momentum going, shedding all gains to close in the red at 10226. While we enter a fresh week, Monday’s trade is likely to see a stable and strong opening ensured by strong global

Market Outlook of 8th Mar, 2018.

Decline continued in Nifty and Bank nifty; Nifty closed below 10200; A decline of 1000 points (9%) from life time high in 37 days. Nifty closed at 10154; narrow range of 102 points, less than yesterday range. The index declined close to 4 percent in the last 6 trading sessions. Weak global cues due to

Market Outlook of 7th Mar, 2018.

Nifty continues with its down move; Last hour sell off drags index lowest closing since mid December. Yesterday the nifty took its losing streak to the 5th consecutive session, breaking its decisive 10300-630 range to confirm a downtrend. The last hour selling in markets, weakened bulls control on D-Street, which was largely led by a

Market Outlook of 6th Mar, 2018.

Trend remains down; relief rally may be possible The nifty opened lower with a large gap down. The gap continued through the day, with the index closing lower at 10359, down almost 100 points. Yesterday decline brought the nifty to a low of 10324, very close the lowest level of 19 Feb 2018 (10276). It’s

Market Outlook of 5th Mar, 2018.

Market facing resistance in the 10630 zone; Short term outlook for the market remains negative After a good 8% correction seen from highs, the Nifty has started showing resilience near 10300-10400. With the decline in volatility near these levels, it seems the index may try to form a short-term base near these levels and may

Market Outlook of 1st March,18.

Nifty likely to consolidate further and going ready to go higher above 10650  The Indian economy grew at 7.2 percent in October-December 2017, and will likely expand 6.6 percent in 2017-18, latest official estimates said on Wednesday, amid strong revival signs in consumption spending and investment activity. A decisive close above 10650 would confirm the

Market Outlook of 28th Feb,18.

Significant resistance around 10630-650 zone leads nifty to close lower The bounce back rally seems to be capped at crucial resistance level of 10630 which is also where the 50 DMA lies. Market would now witness a range of 10300-10650 levels for the coming days and a decisive move past any of these levels would

Market Outlook of 27th Feb,18.

Second day of rally brings Nifty close to 10630 resistance; rallied more than 200 points; large trading range is developing Nifty continues to bounce back from 10300 levels having its near term resistance at 10630, a decisive move past 10630 would bring in further momentum for target 10650-10680 levels. The support for the day is

Market Outlook of 26th Feb, 2018.

Narrow trading range in Nifty leads to upside breakout: current rally is treated as pull back rally One should refrain from initiating any index trades as clarity will emerge only if 10300 is breached on the down side or 10700 on the upside. Till then let’s look at stock specific action. As we move towards

Market Outlook of 23rd Feb, 2018.

Volatility reduces, nifty remain in the consolidation phase Nifty stuck in the narrow trading range in 100 points in between 10320-10420. If nifty manages to hold 10450 then it would go to 10600 to 10620. New expiry month starts and data shows max. PUT OI at 10000 and 10200, while max. CALL OI at 11000

Market Outlook of 22nd Feb, 2018.

Expiry day, Volatility persists, index down around 6% down on expiry to expiry basis Nifty index witnesses sustained selling pressure in all the four weeks of this series and corrected from 11171 to 10276 zones. Nifty index traded in between 10350 to 10426. It recovered smartly from the lows, but falls is still intact for

Market Outlook of 20th Feb, 2018.

Market fall; slump in price forces range breakdown in nifty, now resistance at 10430-10450 Market sentiment is weak due to PNB scam, as rumors become high in the media to come out of more defaulters in banking systems. We now enter the expiry week the focus is now shifting to the rollover activity that shall

Market Outlook of 19th Feb, 2018.

Nifty fail to rebound as global market recovers Global equities got a breather last week after tumbling in the 2 consecutive weeks preceding it. PNB 11300 Cr. fraud spoil the market mood and make the sentiment negative. Short term market is in bearish mood and expected to break the 10276 low of 06/02/2018. Upper resistance

Nifty and Sensex of 16th Feb, 2018.

Market outlook : Nifty, Bank Nifty continued trading range bound, short term trend is sideways The Nifty 50 pared most of its gains made in trade on Thursday to close around its opening level. The Nifty 50 which opened at 10,537 rose to an intraday high of 10,618 which made a long upper shadow, but

Nifty And Sensex of 15th Feb, 2018.

Nifty sheds its gains as Banks continue to drag it lower, largely lead by the PSU banks We expect index will oscillate within the broader range of 10300-10700 range. In last 30 minutes index corrected around 90 points. Upper side short term resistance is 10600 and lower side support is 10350. Bank Nifty seems weaker

Nifty and Sensex of 14th Feb, 2018.

Volatility is cooling off. Choppy and narrow trade continued in Nifty Global volatility is also cooling off and most of the world markets closed in green. Nifty opened at 10518 with a gap of +64 points and finally closed at 10539.75 with a gap of 84 points. Current market seems that volatility is easing off

Trading Updates of 9th Feb, 2018.

Markets have a break after a sharp fall. Nifty recovers after value-buying. Volatility cool off yesterday, but risk remain continue as market did not crosses the important resistance level of 10700. We are in the bull market and these pull back rally, short covering, relief rally are part of the bull markets. So, we have

Sensex Updates of 8th Feb, 2018.

Open above 10600, but shed 148 points in intraday, closed below the support level of 10530. Short term market trend looks weak. Intermediate trend remains down. Avoid trading , wait for current volatility to cool off : Nifty opened at 10607.2 with a gap up of 109 points. The index made its intraday high near the

Share Market Updates of 7th Feb, 2018.

Sensex Slumps 561 Points, Nifty Wipes Out 2018 Gain on Global equity sell off. Markets recovered partially by close on Tuesday with the S&P BSE Sensex ending at 34,195 levels, down 561 points. The 30-share index recovered over 600 points in intra-day deals after opening 1227 points lower. The fall comes on the back of

Stock Market Updates of 6th Feb, 2018.

Large gap down opening , volatility is very high, price remained in the correction, trend reversal for short to medium term, Avoid trading in nifty and bank nifty. Nifty opened with gap up down of 156 points, after that market recovers in full days but finally closing on the bearish mode at 10666.55 (-94.05p points)

Sensex of 5th Feb, 2018.

After a steady run to the top the markets stumbled post budget as the budget failed to stoke up the positive sentiment. With nothing much to salvage from the budgetary reforms the markets started giving away. The strong fast paced decline on Friday has now induced some fear into the market participants. With a buyer

BSE Sensex of 1st Feb, 2018.

Budget causes significant volatility : Nifty holds 11000 levels; PSU Bank down more than 2%; A 10% tax on long term capital gains has been proposed by the budget. Professionals, salary earners and Business people pay a tax on their income which is as high as 34%. Intraday Low – 10715.70 Intraday High – 10781.70 

Stock Market Updates of 31st Jan, 2018.

Next move in market will depend on reaction to budget : Pharma and metal stocks face more declines ; We are in a long-term bull market ; Traders should be prepared for volatility tomorrow or may be in the next few days. Stock Market – Spot Price (Nifty : 11040.50, Sensex : 35970.04) Bank Nifty View

Share Market Updates of 18th Jan, 2018.

Nifty recorded new lifetime high at  :10888.10 : Overall trend remains up with a period of consolidation likely ; Nifty opened – 10874.10 up 85 Points. Intraday Low – 10780.90 Intraday High – 10890.10                 Closed – 10818                   Gain – 30

Share Market Updates of 17th Jan, 2018.

Nifty, Bank Nifty traded in a large range today : PSU bank shines with a gain of more than 4% ; Nifty opened – 10700.50  Intraday Low – 10667.80 Intraday High – 10804                 Closed – 10790.10                   Gain – 90 Points

Trading Updates of 16th Jan, 2018.

Intraday decline in Nifty : Bank nifty force indices to close lower; IT shines with a gain of 3.65%; Nifty opened – 10760.40 with a gap up of 21 Points. Intraday Low – 10690.10 Intraday High – 10760.40              Closed – 10701.50                 

BSE Sensex of 15th Jan, 2018.

Markets in bull phase : Nifty and Bank Nifty rises together with financial and media; HDFC gained more than 5%; Nifty opened – 10720.40 with a gap up of 38 Points. Intraday Low – 10715.70 Intraday High – 10781.70              Closed – 10742.50               

Trading updates of 12th Jan, 2018.

Nifty end at fresh record closing high : Nifty, Bank Nifty in narrow range suggests thrusting swing ahead ; Hold long positions with predefine stop losses ; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10683.50 with a gap up of 30 Points. Intraday low – 10598.00        Intraday high – 10689.30       

Trading Updates of 11th Jan, 2018.

Four days of narrow range in Nifty : getting ready for big move in next few days ; direction should be up; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10638.00  Intraday low – 10610.30        Intraday high – 10665.30           Closed – 10650.20           Gain – 19 Points. 

Trading Updates of 10th Jan, 2018.

Market trading narrow and choppy after vast gains : Last three days of price action inside just 71 points ; Suggests a big move is ahead; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 104650.00 with a gap up of 14 Points.  Intraday Closed – 10630.20                       

BSE Sensex of 9th Jan, 2018.

Choppy trading in Nifty : The Index continues making new lifetime highs for the third consecutuive day; Realty shines today whereas media drags; Nifty opened – 10646.20 with a gap up of 20 Points. Intraday Low – 10604.50 Intraday High – 10670.20              Closed – 10636           

Nifty & Bank Nifty Views of 8th Jan, 2018.

Back to back gains in Nifty : Nifty closes above 10600 for the first time ; Nifty opened – 10592.60 with a gap up of 31 Points. Intraday Low – 10589.50 Intraday High – 10632.10              Closed – 10624.50                 Gain – 65 Points Gains contributed

BSE,NSE Sensex of 5th Jan, 2018.

Markets at lifetime high : Follow through on Monday may confirm range breakout ; Nifty opened – 10535.30 with a gap up of 31 Points. Intraday Low – 10521.20 Intraday High – 10567.20              Closed – 10560.85                 Gain – 55 Points Gains contributed

BSE Sensex Of 4th Jan, 2018.

Nifty still in a trading range of 10400 – 10550 ; Wait for the decisive breakout Nifty opened – 10470.60 with a gap up of 26 Points. Intraday Low – 10440.50 Intraday High – 10512              Closed – 10503.70         Gain – 61 Points Gains contributed by METAL

BSE Sensex of 3rd Jan, 2018.

Twelve days of price action inside 150 point of range should resolve very soon : Nifty opened – 10483.60 with a gap up of 39 Points. Intraday Low – 10430.65 Intraday High – 10500.20              Closed – 10442.20 Gains contributed by METAL & REALTY Within Nifty 50 : Biggest Gainer

Nifty & Bank Nifty Views of 1st Jan, 2018.

Nifty is holding its resistance near 10550; Narrow trading range inside 10400 – 10550 remained intact; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10531.70 with a gap up of just 19 Points. Intraday Closed – 10435.55                 Loss – 95 Points Gains contributed by REALTY. Within Nifty 50 : Biggest

Trading Updates of 2nd Jan, 2018.

Wait patiently for market to move beyond range; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10477.55 with a gap up of 42 Points. Intraday Low – 10404.65   Intraday High – 10495.20              Closed – 10442.20              Gains contributed by METAL & AUTO Within Nifty 50 :

Share Market News of 30th Dec, 2017.

Nifty end year 2017 with a gain of more than 28% ; Nifty View : Nifty closed with a gain of more than 28% this year. Nifty has stuck in the range of 10400 – 10550 from last eight trading sessions Stock Market – Spot Price (Nifty : 10526.45, Sensex : 34056.83) Bank Nifty View

Stock Market News Of 28th Dec, 2017.

December expiry ended with a gain of almost 230 Points :  Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10498.20 with a minor gap up of just 8 Points. Intraday High – 10534.55          Closed – 10477.90               Loss – 13 Points Gains contributed by REALTY & METAL Within

Trading Updates of 27th Dec, 2017.

Nifty closed lower :  Pharma gains a more than 2.50%; Stay long in Nifty with Stop Loss; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10531.05 with a big gap down at 70 Points. Intraday Closed – 10490.75               Loss – 40 Points Gains contributed by MEDIA & PHARMA Stock Market –

Share Market News of 26th Dec, 2017.

Large range breakout in Nifty; Stay long in Nifty with suggested stop loss; Look for buying in Bank Nifty; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10512.30 with a gap up of just 19 Points. Intraday High – 10531.50                 Gain – 38 Points Gains contributed by METAL, PSU BANK

Trading Updates Of 22th Dec, 2017.

Contraction in Nifty; Bank Nifty for past 4 days; Look for buying opportunities only; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10457.30 with a gap up of just 17 Points. Intraday High – 10493              Closed – 10500              Gain – 52 Points Gains contributed by

Nifty And Bank Nifty Market Views of 21st Dec, 2017.

Nifty closes flat amid volatility :  Nifty fails to cross 10500; A large trading range remains intact; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10473.95 with a gap up of 29 Points. Intraday low – 10426.90 Intraday High – 10443.55           Closed – 10440.30             Loss – 3 Points

Share Market News of 20th Dec, 2017.

Nifty touches almost 10500 – Provides 2 different paths : Top of trading range or imminent breakout? Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10494.40 with a gap up of 31 Points. Intraday low – 10437.15 Gains contributed by REALTY & MEDIA. Within Nifty 50 : Biggest Gainer – HINDALCO & ONGC Biggest Losers – DRREDDY

Stock Market News of 19th Dec, 2017.

Upside momentum continues in markets : Nifty at the verge of making new lifetime highs; fresh 52 week high in Maruti & Bajaj auto; Nifty View : Nifty Opened – 10414.80 with a gap up of 26 Points. Intraday Low – 10406 Intraday High – 10463.20           Gain – 74 Points Gains

Trading Updates of 18th Dec, 2017.

Higher volatility persists in the market :  May see new lifetime high very soon; Buying is suggested on dips & breakouts; Nifty View : Nifty opened – 10263.10 with a big gap down at 70 Points. Intraday low – 10074.80 Intraday High – 10443.55              Closed – 10388.75     

Trading Updates of 15th Dec, 2017

News driven market breaks past swing high almost 10330 : Nifty in uptrend Indian stock markets are in a bull run Traders and Investors should remain only on the buy side Nifty View  Nifty opened at 10344.60 Intraday high near 10372.08 and low at 10318.60 Finally closed at 10332.24 with gain of 81 points Stock

Stock Market News of 14th Dec, 2017.

Higher Volatility continues in the market : Nifty, Bank Nifty is trading range bound Buying opportunities should emerge above 10330 Avoid Metal, focus on Pharma and IT stocks Nifty View  Nifty opened at 10230.50. Intraday low at 10140.60. Gains were mainly contributed by Pharma and FMCG whereas Media was the only sector which closed in

Balance your Money by Daily Market News.

Decay proceeds in business sectors : Nifty ends below 10200 Lead by realty and PSU banks. Long positions have closed at breakeven. avoid trading the index. Nifty View  Among major indices, IT, Pharma and Media are outperformer. Traders should look for buying in these sectors but only on intraday dips.Avoid trading the nifty and bank

Nifty and Bank Nifty Market Views of 12th Dec, 2017.

Decrease in business sectors following three upside days : All the sectoral indices end in losses lead by reality and FMCG. Place your stop loss at breakeven for nifty. Chances of a range bound trading is higher Nifty View We are long in Nifty. Traders should move there stops at breakeven. Chances of trading range

Market Updates of 11th Dec, 2017.

Stay Long in Nifty and Bank Nifty with suggested stop loss and target; Nifty View We have a long position in Nifty Future from 10220 with a stop 10130. Now traders should hold this long position with a revised stop loss at 10200. Also place a target at 10370. Bank NIFTY View  We should look for

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