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EPF should deploy its fund in diverse assets. The central goverment reportedly wants the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) to sell shares and use the capital gains to increase the payout for its subscribers. This is the right thing to do, with the Sensex crossing 35,000. The EPFO, which manages workers’ retirement funds, should go

A-Z of Share Market in India.

What are shares? By investing in shares on GFS Wealth Creators you are buying part ownership of an GFS listed company. If the company performs well, you can benefit from share price growth and/or income paid as dividends.Equally, if the company performs poorly, your shares could decrease in value and/or the company may pay no dividends.

Musical & Maestro……!

Arjun was very excited. He was going to visit his uncle who was a very famous musician. Arjun loved music. He used to play his small piano that his mother had gotten him on his seventh birthday. Today, he would get to learn a lot more about music from his uncle.       When

The Young Genius….!

Dear parents, We’re delighted to bring you a short story specially for your children. The young Genius! Ishaan was preparing for his school exam that day. Anup, his little brother was playing with his toy car in his room. Accidentally the toy car fell down the stairs and broke. Ishaan heard his brother crying and came

Chasing dreams…!

Dear parents, We’re delighted to bring you a collection of short stories specially for your children. While the stories will inspire your children to follow their dreams, we’re sure the note at the end will benefit you as well. The Curious Little Chef!!! Naina was very excited for her birthday party. She dressed up quickly

Investment Child’s Plans…………….

Child Plans offered by Mutual Funds :  Mutual fund houses like HDFC, ICICI Prudential, UTI, Templeton, Tata and SBI offer a variety of choices as far child plans  are concerned. Child plans also help earmark funds for specific goals, dividing the portfolio into several categories. This makes it simpler for a parent to monitor the

Investment Choices For Your Children’s Goal Planning.

Future of our Children: The future of our children is probably the biggest concern for most parents. Many  parents start saving for their children’s education and marriage, soon after the child is born. This is, of course, the right thing to do, because the parents can benefit from power of compounding while the child is