Build a Rs. 50 Lakh corpus for your child.

How to build a Rs. 50 Lakh corpus for your child?

The corpus you build will depend on when you start investing, how much you invest in equity and debt, and the instruments you choose.

Find out how to secure your children’s future by taking the the right money decisions and opting for appropriate investing avenues.

If you are an Indian Parent, ‘dilemma’ is probably your middle name. When you aren’t in a fix over how to impart the right values to your progeny, you’re possibly fretting over how to ratchet up the corpus for his education and wedding. Which instruments should you invest in?

  • Property

  • Fixed Deposit

  • Recurring Deposit

  • Mutual Fund

  • Equity

  • Gold

Which mutual fund should I invest in for child’s goals?

Which mutual fund for which goal?

The type of fund will depend primarily on the time frame of the child’s goal. Here’s how to pick.

“Parents should automate all investments and mutual funds are the best suited to do this: the amount is fixed and growth is high.”

If you want a corpus of Rs. 50 Lakh for your child’s education when he is 18 years old.

Invest in child gift funds for your children’s future.

Go with best top performing mutual funds. 

Best Funds To Build Your Portfolio.

Best SIP Mutual Funds of New Financial Year 2018-19.

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