Boost your Salary on this New Year.

A New Year often comes with a salary increment. 

But, remember, this is also the opportunity window to optimize your salary.

Let’s look at how you can do so :

  • Review your salary structure
  • Maximize allowances, Tax savings
  • Get the most Tax deductions through investments like ELSS; loan repayments; health insurance for yourself and dependents; charitable donations, etc.
  • Make the best of Tax exemptions like those on house rent.
  • Look for secondary sources of income through Tax-Free dividends.
  • Lower taxed sources like interest from bank deposits, etc.
  • Investing better and earning higher returns.

What Next?

Another way to ensure that you make the most of your salary is by investing your increments in SIPs.


Opt for the pocket-friendly way of investing through SIPs.


Invest as little
as Rs. 500 per
month. That’s still
better than no

Schedule SIPs for
the day after you get
your salary so that
you save first and
spend after.


Start a different SIP for each goal for better management.

Check your risk profile
before starting an SIP
to see if the fund suits


Have your next month’s
SIP ready this month
and not spend it to earn
extra returns.

Quit over expectations
and impatience. Stay
invested for longer times

Go for Investor education workshops and seminars.


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