Bharat 22 ETF(Exchange Traded Fund)

An open-ended Exchange Traded fund investing in S&P BSE Bharat 22 Index.

(Managed By ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd.)

Key Highlights

Diversified exposure volatility risk adjusted returns

  • Six sectors (Basic materials,Energy,Finance,FMCG,Industrials and Utilities).
  • Secular growth prospects (FMCG and Utilities)+Cyclical (Energy,Metals,Industrial).
  • Diversification can help reduce volatility and improve risk adjusted returns.

Seeking Stability + Growth

  • Mix of leaders from different sectors representing balance between stability and growth .

Stock and sector cap

  • Stock level cap of 15% and sector level cap of 20% applied annually at rebalancing.

Free Float Market Capitalization Method

  • Reduces concentration of few heavy weight companies by considering shares available for trading in the market.

Incentives offered to InvestorsĀ 

  • The government has offered a discount of 5% to the investors of BHARAT 22 ETF during the FFO.

Attractive Dividend Yield

  • Higher dividend yield in comparison to S&P BSE Sensex /Nifty 50*

Reasonable Valuation

  • Attractive investments opportunity due to lower P/E and P/B in comparison to S&P BSE Sensex /Nifty 50*.

Futures and Options (F&O)

  • Highly liquid index since more than 99% of index constituents are available under F&O segment.
There will be a separate Application form for Bharat 22 ETF Additional offer will be available on the website of AMC.

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