Beyond the twinkling stars.

Kirti was on her way home when she saw a poster outside the city museum.

The city museum had organised a competition where participants had to build models of outer space. She was very eager to take part in the competition. Stars, planets and other space objects always intrigued her.


Kriti took help from her father to build a beautiful model of the solar system. She used cardboard to make the ‘Milky Way’ and some pieces of paper to cut out the orbit of the solar system. She used artificial clay to make planets of different sizes and then she painted them with water colors to make them look real and accurate. She created parts of the spacecraft with great care.

At the competition the judges were impressed by her work and knowledge. She explained everything very accurately. She expressed her desire to the judges to explore outer space someday.



The judges awarded her the first prize and said that she should grow up to fulfil her dream.                

Kirti was overjoyed.

               The words touched her heart.

                                           She made up her mind…


          “When I Grow Up, I Will be An Astronaut.”

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