15+ Efficient tricks to save money.

With a tight budget and our regular expenses it is very difficult to save money for our bad times and poor situations.

So here are given some useful ways that provides the tricks that how can I save money with our expenses and enjoyment.

If you are worried since long time to think how can I start to invest and spend less so don’t worry,

Just Read and Apply the tricks in your real life :

 1. Ideas to save Money on Fast Food : –

  • Learn to cook and eat at home
  • Plan meals ahead of time
  • Use restaurant coupons

 2. Ways to save Money on Movies : –

  • Use Debit Cards and Platinum Cards for Booking
  • Watch Movie in Week Days
  • Grab Gift Cards 
  • Go for Group Deals 
  • Use Credit Card Perks 
  • Check for Specialty Discounts

 3. Tricks to Save Money on Clothes : –

  • Don’t buy into the fashion game
  • Shop at sales times
  • Use a shopping portal

 4. Ideas to save Money on Travel : – 

  • Travel off-peak
  • Use credit card rewards
  • Buy a sightseeing pass
  • Do your own taxes
  • Use a discount broker
  • Pick the cheapest days to fly (days of the week are cheaper to fly)
  • Set a travel budget…and stick to it

 5. Ways to save Money on Entertainment or Games : –

  • Free or Low-Cost Events
  • Internet-Based Movie Services
  • Group Deals
  • Watch for the game deals

 6. Save Money on Monthly Phone Bill : –

  • Ask for discounts
  • Automate your bills
  • Use Cheapest Plans according to your Need
  • Avoid Postpaid Plans

 7. Save Money on Electricity Bill : – 

  • Switch off and unplug appliances when you are not using them
  • Turn off the lights 
  • Install a low-flow restrictor
  • Close your chimney flue
  • Regularly maintain your AC
  • Change your bulbs into LEDs
  • Save on Electric Bills via Online Payments

 8. Save Money on Bank Charges : –

  • Choosing the right bank account
  • Avoid using another bank’s ATM
  • Avoid penalty charges
  • Overdraft facility fees
  • Use Online Banking to Avoid Paper Statement Fees

 9. Save Money on House Rent : – 

  •  Negotiate Your Rent
  •  Look at Rental Companies Instead of Complexes
  • Consider Roommates when you are single
  • Consider for PG

10. Save Money on Water Bill : –

  • Install a Faucet Aerator (It screws onto the bottom of your faucet to reduce water flow, without reducing water pressure)
  • Collect Rain Water for Plants
  • Change the way you pay for water
  • Pay Online

11. Save Money on Children School Fees : –

  • Providing access to scholarships or relief with books and clothing
  • Explore ways to get discounts
  • Teach your children yourself rather than tuitions & coachings

12. Save Money on House Meal : – 

  • Buy in Bulk
  • Check for Sales (The grocery stores put their weekly sales)
  • Utilize Coupons
  • Shop Monthly
  • Choose a Budget-Friendly Store
  • Only Buy What You Need
  • Skip Prepared and Pre-cut Items
  • Pay with Cash

13. Save Money on Buying Vehicle : –

  • Negotiate the vehicle price first.
  • Get educated.(Know what a good deal is)
  • Time the market (Buy at the end of the model year)
  • BYOF (bring your own financing).
  • Pit dealers against each other.

14. Save Money on Fuel : –

  • Don’t drive in the rush hour
  • Accelerate smoothly (The perfect way to travel is at a constant speed and in the highest gear)
  • Turn the air-conditioning off
  • Use Cards while Payment
  • Check Offers and Discounts

15. Save Money on Internet : –

  • Negotiate Your Plan
  • Check Small Providers
  • Check Your Usage. Can You settle for Less?
  • Switch to a Mobile Hotspot
  • Cut Channels You don’t Use

16. Save Money on Gadgets : –

  • Shop online and use coupon codes
  • Save, Invest, and then Buy
  • Always Do Your Research To Check For The Best Deals
  • Comparison Shopping Through App

17. Save Money on Gas in Kitchen : –

  • Use pressure cookers
  • Avoid overcooking
  • Pre Booking
  • Used Schemes

Along with these expenses you must have some funds that you can use when you need not to wait for your salary.

But the question is WHERE?

First set your goals and categorized it like invest for buying a car, invest for buying a dream home etc… and find out best financial advisor near by you in your living city and take advice where can you invest which scheme is giving you a better return. Ask for short-term and long-term plans. Save for tax-less. Start SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) that can help you to achieve your settled goals.

Invest It     Earn It     Enjoy It

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